Keith Brown, CREO, e-Pro
Keith Brown


I can personally vouch for them as a superb organization to which very few, if any, others can be compared in real estate. Their work ethic is incredible and they always work to provide us with what we need, regardless of what or how soon we need it.
– Adam, Fidelity National Asset Management

Thank You sooo much Holly for your cooperation, just want you to know that out of 350 properties I have available for appraisal only 74 of them had all of the required documents, this is one of them and I am grateful. Keep up the good work.
– Shauna, OCWEN VA Dept.

You do such an awesome job that when I send you a new property or an order for a 2nd I know that I don’t have to worry about it!
– Kara, First American REO

Addendum worded beautifully, you’re a great agent, wish I could use you on all my other properties. You and Holly are on the top of my list!
– Joyce, Goodman Dean REO Services

Keith thank you, have you thought about training my other agents? It is great to work with an agent that is on top of everything. It makes my life so much simpler.
– Theresa, Premiere Asset Services

Thank you for being honest.
– Steven, Countrywide

Holly, I appreciate the update and your obvious interest in doing things right the first time! Thanks from all of Accounting!
– Melissa, Fidelity National Asset Management

You’re the only good agent in the area!
– Ruby, PCV

“WOW, I am impressed….this looks great! Can I clone you and move you around the country :>) ?”
– Candy, Horizon Management

“Keith you and your team are among the good guys…..I have really appreciated working with you…Your professionalism is outstanding and I look forward to working with you again soon in the future!”
– Candy, Horizon Management

“I knew I placed this property in the best hands available in your area. I wish all the brokers I use in other states were as efficient as you. Thank you again for your hard work & efficiency.”
– Louis, Millenia Asset Mgmt

“There are some companies that I work with (yours being one of them) that are very knowledgeable in the eviction process and I dont feel like I have to hold their hands”
– Karrie, Routh/Crabtree/Olsen